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Investment in conservation and future joys

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Every single crystal is cleaned in all nooks so that it can once again stand sharp and shiny.

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Clean crystals reflects the colors of the rainbow as the sun's rays roam the crystal, while extending the life of the chandelier by many beautiful years.



Every chandelier has its own story and we take pride in hearing yours. The work is in our hands and handicraft, which we have specialized in since 1952. We carefully carry out cleanings and repairs with deep respect. In the work of cleaning chandeliers, we give the old a new and beautiful life, and make sure to keep the old in the finest condition again.

We perform cleaning in two different ways depending on the condition of the bindings.

Crystals tied to the chandelier are washed on, while crystals attached with pins are individually removed, washed and cleaned thoroughly. In the event of broken bindings, new bindings are repaired.

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